Veneers in Ashton, MD

Veneers are a cosmetic tooth restoration that cover the front side of your teeth, fixing stains, chips, decay, or crooked teeth. Veneers act as shells to damaged teeth and are typically a permanent fix.

The Veneers Process

Your dentist will create a model of your teeth to achieve the desired look. Once the model of your veneers has been finalized, your dentist will create the veneers in a lab and then place the veneers on your teeth. The application is typically completed in one visit, although depending on the extent of your smile needs, it may take more than one appointment to complete your veneer application.

Your dentist will shape your tooth to properly fit the veneer and ensure it stays in place. Your dentist will provide care instructions once the procedure is done, and you’ll head home with a beautiful, new smile!

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