Orthodontic Expander in Ashton, MD

Orthodontic treatment is all about getting a straighter, healthier smile that boosts your confidence and reduces your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss in the future. Sometimes, before the brackets go on, your orthodontist may use an orthodontic expander to make room for your teeth to fit into their new positions.

How Does it Work?

An orthodontic expander works by gently opening the palate of the upper jaw to create room for your teeth to perfectly align, or for a child’s permanent teeth to grow in without overcrowding. The widening of your upper jaw creates more space and lines up your upper and lower jaw. 

Orthodontic expanders have an expansion area located in the center of the appliance. Your orthodontist will adjust your expander at each appointment using the expansion area, which gently moves the two plates that make up your upper palate. These adjustments carefully move the plates in tiny increments to create space in the upper jaw and encourages growth of new tissue as your palate widens.

Orthodontic expanders are used as an “interventional” tool for early orthodontic treatment in children or young teens whose jaws are still growing. Before puberty, the two plates that make up the upper palate have not yet fused together. The expander guides the two plates into proper alignment and a wider position to accommodate the full set of teeth.

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