Herbst Appliance Provider in Ashton, MD

A straight smile begins with an aligned jaw, and that’s where the Herbst appliance comes in! If you exhibit signs of an overbite, underbite, or any jaw misalignment issues, your orthodontist may recommend the Herbst appliance in your treatment plan.

How the Herbst Appliance Works

The Herbst appliance is a functional appliance that gently moves your jaw to correct a bite misalignment, allowing your top and bottom teeth to meet when you bite down. A Herbst appliance is a stainless-steel orthodontic appliance that is fixed on the back four molars, connecting the upper and lower jaw with a metal tube.

Your orthodontist will adjust your Herbst appliance at each appointment. These adjustments help the appliance slowly and gently align your jaw throughout your treatment time. Overall treatment time for the Herbst appliance typically takes about 12 months.

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